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The Goodness of Milk & Honey

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Self Care should be high on your list of priorities

Care for your hair and skin the Kenessential Way!

Milk & Honey- this love duo is rich in vitamins and minerals for the hair and skin....

◦Acne: Honey is naturally antibacterial, so it's great for acne treatment and prevention.

◦Aging: Full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging.

◦Complexion boost: It is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glow.

◦Pores: Honey is clarifying because it opens up pores making them easy to unclog.


Milk and honey

Kenessential’s milk and honey-based products work to restore the natural shine and luster to the hair while strengthening its structure.

Milk and honey is extremely soothing and hydrating for the skin, so milk baths, milk soaks or using topical beauty products with milk as the main ingredient is a great way to soothe and moisturize any dry, irritated areas of the body

Milk and honey Uses for Hair and Skin it is also full of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamins A, B6, D, B12 and proteins. Not only is it nutritious it can also be incredibly nourishing for your skin and hair.

Milk and honey is an excellent cleanser and moisturizer for face care. It acts as a gentle lubricant, removing dead skin and blackheads on your face, and cleansing your pores while leaving skin feeling moisturized and soft. When used with steaming, the results are absolutely amazing!

In addition to your skin one of the best uses of milk and honey is its treatment for hair loss in women. The vitamins and proteins like casein protein, help nourish, strengthen and moisturize your hair particles. In addition, the high protein and fat content in milk facilitate the growth hormones in your hair follicles, stopping hair loss.

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