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We have a new beauty trend you need to try! And here’s why.

Skin is always evolving and ever-changing (even on the same complexion), combination skin is more common than you may think and having a couple different conditions you want to focus on is completely normal.

Skin is beautiful and diverse and really does require individual care, which is why we always say we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy when it comes to skincare – and why we’ve become obsessed with this beauty trend: MULTI-MASKING.

Sure you can use one mask for the entire face (we do it all the time!) but this fresh approach to applying mask can actually make a big difference in bringing balance back to your complexion.Customized skincare is where transformation and healing can really happen – and multi-masking is the best way to begin.


Are you prone to hormonal acne along the jawline but feeling tight/dry on your cheeks? Experiencing blackheads and congestion around the nose and chin but want to soften fine lines on your forehead? Wanting to calm redness and sensitive skin while still promoting a youthful glow?

Girl, us too.

While it’s important to pinpoint your skin’s natural tendencies to help you pick the most effective facial mask

(prone to dry patches or to producing oil or to pigmentation), the reality is: skin is always changing – and categorizing your skin as a certain type can sometimes be limiting and even misleading. Your skin state can shift based on a variety of different external + internal factors such as climate, nutrition, stress, sleep, hormonal imbalances, genetics, medications, etc.

  1. While we do our best to bring balance to our wellness within, this approach to masking helps to bring balance back to the surface. Multi-masking is a powerful way to help support the diverse, ever-evolving nature of your skin. By applying different mask to different areas of the skin, you’re able to specifically support unique skin needs – all at the same time.


When it comes to masking, one and done isn’t always the answer. Depending on the day, the season, your monthly cycle or the special occasion, let your skin guide you in choosing the most supportive masks for your current skin state.

Here’s how to do it.

After cleansing, look closely at what you’re observing on the surface of your skin and start to reflect on what you’re seeing: Larger, more visible pores? Red, inflamed areas? Specific spots of hyperpigmentation? Healthy glow? Smile lines? Worry lines? Based on what you’re observing, you can opt for a clarifying mask, calming mask or hydration mask

Below are even more tips for pinpointing your skin state and picking the most supportive masks:

  • Oil-rich/Acne-prone: Your skin is more prone to breakouts + inflammation, tends to produce excess oil and pore size is visibly larger on forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Applying a clay-based, clarifying mask to these areas helps to sweep away dead/dull skin cells, draw out impurities, and purify pores. The mineral-rich clays in clarifying mask formulas also promote detoxification and absorb + balance excess oil production to reduce buildup and breakouts.

  • Sensitive/Damaged: Your skin tends to feel reactive, dry, sensitive or appear red + inflamed along with visible pore size varying across the face. Applying a more restorative facial mask creates a protective covering and provides immediate relief for inflammatory skin conditions. Soothing masks deeply nourish delicate skin and deliver concentrated calming herbs straight to the skin to help expedite the skin’s healing process.

  • Dry/Mature: Your skin tends to feel more tight, dry, sensitive or with signs of aging such as fine lines + hyperpigmentation along with less visible pores all over the face. Applying a nourishing facial mask can offer an immediate dose of skin-loving vitamins (like A and C) to promote collagen production and stimulate cell renewal to reveal a more vibrant, youthful complexion. Deeply hydrating ingredients infuse the skin with moisture, help to soften the look of the fine lines + signs of aging and promote a naturally plump appearance.

Apply a light layer of each specific mask to each specific area then sit back, relax and multi-mask!

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