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Perfect Travel size 4oz

Light-weight mist is can be used as a curl control agent that helps hair acheive bouncy flowy style. Want to get rid of that next day bed hair fast or erase that badhair day quickly.. Well Curl Formation Mist is for you.. Spray on curls to help rework and control curls. Perfect for Wash-N-Go's and quick Twist-outs

Curl Formation Mist Travel Well

  • How to use

    Great for all hair types, but especially Fine or Medium thickness hair  for a light-weight curl definition.

    Use mist to lighty wet the hair and style as usual. Can be used for a quick dry Twist-out, Wash-N-Go's or to make detangling easier. Always apply from root to tips,

  • Ingredients

    Water, Milk, Honey, Coconut oil, Agran Oil, Hemp Seed Oil,

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