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A Queen's bath.....

Give your body a Queen's bath tonight our organic Milk and Honey bath softens, relaxes and moisturizes the skin. Milk & Honey has 13 skin loving benefits including anti-aging and skin tighten and toning effect. So the next time you feel like really pampering yourself give yourself a Kenessential glow with our Milk & Honey Bath

Want an amazing moisturizing soak that soothes and rejuvenates, has powerful Plant-based benefits but is made for sensitive skin...Time try Kenessential Beauty milk and honey Fragrance-Free Products! Our Coconut milk bath soak formula are like no other soaks you have ever tried! It is so milky, with no alcohol or drying ingredients it will leave your skin feeling so exceptionally soft and velvety!

All our Fragrance-Free products are skin conscious meaning no unnecessary chemicals, detergents, scents.

  • This line is made for people with skin allergies and for the individuals who work in the medical field or office setting.
  • Our Fragrance-Free line has no Sulfate or parabens.

 Try the rest of our Fragrance-Free line of products

Fragrance Free Milk Bath Spa Soak

  • HOW TO USE...

    Add 3 or more scoops into running water. Sit back and relax all the stress away...



    The lactic acid in milk is very exfoliating, and honey is softening, moisturizing, and all-around beautifying.

    Perfect way to get that milk and honey glow!
    coconut milk leaves skin feeling soft and silky, and provides a smoother-looking complexion.
    Over time, it may help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and other signs of aging.
    Consider using  our Coconut Milk for a rejuvenating  bath additive the next time you feel like really pampering yourself.

    Milk, Honey, European bath salt, Caribbean Sugar, Silk Oil, Vitamin E, Green Tea extract, Hibiscus flower oil, Hempseed Oil, Agran Oil, Shea Oil, Coconut Oil

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