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for sensitive to dry skin  2 oz 

NouRish Face Butter adds increase moisture instantly with vital plant energy that stimulates hydration, helping recharge your skin cells—to power skin's natural moisture system. • for dry to very dry skin • instantly replenishes skin's moisture reserve • retain moisture all day • vegetable glycerin helps skin absorb moisture • Moringa butter helps seal in deep, hydrating elements • leaves skin feeling supple and healthy • lush and velvety, rich texture

NouRish Face Butter


    After cleansing the face, gently apply in a upward circular motion pay special attention to eye area. Intense moisture that last all day. To seal in this luxurious moisture try our Soothe Face Toner


    Heepseed oil, Prickly Pear Butter, Chia Seed butter, Moringa Butter, Lemon Butter, Babassu Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Oil

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