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Moisturize, Nourish and Protect


Caring for the scalp is just as important if not more important than caring for the hair. A healthy scalp gives you the ability to grow healthy hair. Keeping the scalp  moisturize, clean and free of dandruff

Tea Tree Eucalyptus Scalp Balm

  • Great Benefits of Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Scalp Balm

    Tea tree and Eucalyptus essential oil is able to unblock the hair follicles, helps to boost up the immune system to be able to fight against the infections that lead to hair loss and dandruff

    • It moisturizes your hair and keeps your scalp free from fungal and bacterial infections to prevent the dry and itchy scalp.
    • Sweet basil essential oil is often recommended by aromatherapists to promote hair growth and to help clear up oily scalps and dandruff

    Do not use 24 prior to relaxing hair
    Do not use if scalp has abrasions or cuts
    Always gently shampoo hair after
    treating the scalp with mist
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